Update Notes – Patch 2.2

Additions:New Zombie Driver race ChallengeAdded Achievements, unlocking an Achievement grants 5 Bonus Coins to spend in the Item Shop.Added daily Rewarded Video to unlock 5 Bonus Coins every 24 hours.Added three new Ragdolls objects (two in the Item Shop, one immediately available)Added two Melee weapon objects in the Item Shop.Added confirmation SFX when successfully completing […]

Update Notes – Patch 2.0

Additions: Localisation for Spanish, Portuguese (BR) and Russian languages Unlockable Physics Powers: Attractor, Force field, Gravity Nova, Whirlwind, Detonator and Gravity Manipulator New unlockable objects: Air Assault Drone, Land Assault Drone, Waifu Ragdoll, Dog Ragdoll, Explosive Shell, Attractor Beam Gun and Gravity Nova Rifle. Earn coins to unlock new items by completing Challenges, 1 coin […]

Update Notes – Patch 1.33

Fixes:Right controller no longer sends movement to attached jet thrusters or VTOL engines.Camera snapping now disengages if snapped object is destroyed.Fixed reversed buggy SFX.Fixed motor controller error when behaviours were selected.Fixed UI graphical issues due to sprite packing.Fixed explosion power and explosion power slider for dynamite and C4 package.Fixed Dynamite trigger not working. Changes:Catapult wheels […]

Update Notes – Patch 1.3

Additions:Added tutorial for Playground and three Challenge Tutorials.Added three new Challenges (Pandora Park Ragdoll Golf, Moon Buggy Transport, Just Cause Destruction). Fixes:Fixed crashes on load for the following objects: VTOL Engine, Jet Engine, Splatter Sentry Gun, Dual Sentry Gun, Satellite, Communications Array. Objects will need to be re-added to any scenes to load correctly.Fixed large […]