Update Notes – Patch 2.2

New Zombie Driver race Challenge
Added Achievements, unlocking an Achievement grants 5 Bonus Coins to spend in the Item Shop.
Added daily Rewarded Video to unlock 5 Bonus Coins every 24 hours.
Added three new Ragdolls objects (two in the Item Shop, one immediately available)
Added two Melee weapon objects in the Item Shop.
Added confirmation SFX when successfully completing a Challenge.
Underfinger Camera is now displayed when using any Physics Power. This can be toggled in the options menu.

Fixed issues with save/load on the following objects – Elephant Ragdoll, Waifu Ragdoll, Teddy Bear, explosive shell, mortar shell.
Added missing parameters for the following objects – Waifu Ragdoll, Front-End Loader.
Waifu Ragdoll can now drive vehicles as intended.
SFX not attached to an object will now be played at the Camera location rather than the centre of the world.
Physics Weapons now rotate with the secondary Joystick when attached to a trigger as intended.
Added missing materials to Front-End Loader (wheels now have friction).
Various other bug and crash fixes.

Unlocked Physics Powers can now be used when playing any downloaded or loaded Playground Scenario.
Challenge Statistics Panel now shows bonus coins that have been earnt.
Create Object menus now clearly show any items that need to be unlocked.

Scenario Fixes/Changes:
Fixed and updated object placement in Temple Run
Fixed crash on restart of both Jetpack Arena Challenges