Update Notes – Patch 2.0


  • Localisation for Spanish, Portuguese (BR) and Russian languages
  • Unlockable Physics Powers: Attractor, Force field, Gravity Nova, Whirlwind, Detonator and Gravity Manipulator
  • New unlockable objects: Air Assault Drone, Land Assault Drone, Waifu Ragdoll, Dog Ragdoll, Explosive Shell, Attractor Beam Gun and Gravity Nova Rifle.
  • Earn coins to unlock new items by completing Challenges, 1 coin for each medal. View progress on the new Challenge Statistics page.
  • Daily Challenges. Earn 5 coins by completing a Daily Challenge.
  • Three new Challenges: Milky Fairway (Zero-G Ragdoll Golf), Short Circuit (Drone hunting destruction) and Special Delivery (Test the Attractor Beam on Ragdolls).
  • Added UI Scale to Options Menu. Increase or Reduce the size of the on-screen controls.
  • Added dynamic physics settings adjustment. The game will automatically reduce the number of physics calculations if FPS is too low. This will help complex scenarios on all devices, particularly low end or older devices. The game will prompt to go back to the menu if physics become unresponsive.
  • New IAPs: Physics Weapons, Ragdoll Pack One, Drone Pack and Physics Powers.


  • Polygon count is now properly reset on load.
  • Fixed blank dialog box when exiting scenario.
  • Fixed possible crash when Seat object has secondary movement applied.
  • Fixed menu display after deselecting a joint.
  • Fixed performance of bullet weapon objects, will no longer try to find a target every update cycle (runs on timer that can be adjusted in the Advanced menu).
  • Fixed spring joints not saving properties.
  • Fixed joint trigger types defaulting to remove joint on load.
  • Fixed occasional incorrect reporting of Challenge scores and times.
  • Fixed missing trigger dragger on Conveyer Belt.
  • Can now properly exit scenario or Challenge from the initial screen.
  • Accessing cloud resources anonymously will now timeout rather than freeze on loading screen if there is a connection issue.
  • Fixed positioning of parallax backgrounds on load when camera is not at (0,0).
  • Scenario Info screen will now always display the correct information.
  • Fixed potential memory leak caused by duplicate child objects, when an object is copied.
  • Fixed health pickup effect not firing.
  • Fixed loading for button and plunger object if more than one is present in a scene.
  • Use Auto No Collisions for Shape objects now works as intended.
  • Various other bug, UI, crash fixes and performance fixes.


  • Big UI overhaul. Most UI elements now have transitions. Fixed UI scaling so the UI should look better on all devices, particularly those with 4:3 ratio. Menu layouts are now much more consistent.
  • All joints can now break according to break torque set in joint properties (unless Unlimited Joint Strength is set). Previously only the Fixed Joint was breakable.
  • Some changes to data loaded for Challenges that should slightly decrease load/reset time.
  • Increased max joint torque to 500,000 (was 50,000)
  • Increased size of Object Markers so they are easier to see on high resolution devices.
  • Reduced max distance of Industrial Fan to 50 (was 100) for performance reasons.
  • Ragdolls now have the correct default explosion, default to 500 hitpoints and have limbs set to detach by default (humanoid ragdolls only). Default limb detach torque is 10,000.
  • Objects in static mode now react to explosion, they also react to any nearby Physics Powers.
  • Improved visuals and effects in the Iceworld biome.
  • Iceworld snow properties can be adjusted in Advanced Options.
  • Object and Ragdoll Cannons can now be fired with an external trigger.
  • Added rotator component to Magnet Gun.
  • Version information is now displayed in the options Menu.
  • Toy names can now be changed in the Effects panel.
  • Objects delivered in a Transport scenario will have their scenario marker disabled.
  • If a Toy is selected, double tapping on another Toy will now set the Toy as a target rather than changing selection.

Challenge Fixes/Changes:

  • Monster Truck Tutorial target times increased, objects in scene are no longer draggable.
  • Dune Buggy is no longer draggable in Dune Too.
  • Improved handling for Dirt Bike and decreased difficulty of Temple Run.
  • Increased target times for Beginners Truck
  • Decreased difficulty of Rocket Miner.
  • Improved handling of Monster Truck and increased target times for Lumber Trail.
  • Increased Hit Force and decreased difficulty for Battlefield Mews.
  • Decreased difficulty of Chill Climb Racing.
  • Increased difficulty and target times for Magic School Bus.
  • Decreased target times for Moon Buggy.

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