Update Notes – Patch 1.3

Added tutorial for Playground and three Challenge Tutorials.
Added three new Challenges (Pandora Park Ragdoll Golf, Moon Buggy Transport, Just Cause Destruction).

Fixed crashes on load for the following objects: VTOL Engine, Jet Engine, Splatter Sentry Gun, Dual Sentry Gun, Satellite, Communications Array. Objects will need to be re-added to any scenes to load correctly.
Fixed large objects such as fuel tanks not exploding with any force.
Fixed some UI graphical issues caused by sprite packing.
Fixed missing sounds and effects on tank vehicle.
Fixed missing sensor options for SAM launcher on reload.
Fixed issue where default values for angular and linear drag were overwritten on object creation.
Fixed bug causing potential crash when re-loading a scene with multiple landscape objects
Fixed linear velocity slider
Fixed issue with satellite where no selection box was shown.
Stopped snapping from being turned off when a toy is being controlled and a target is destroyed
Removed invisible slow-mo button in main menu panel
Fixed issue preventing double tapping to add value to sliders in Effects panel
Many other smaller bug and potential crash fixes.

Moved Joints to their own menu to make it easier to create different types
Improved implementation for bullet weapons to make them easier to use
Increased max explosion power to 250,000
Increased max hitpoints to 100,000
Motorised object torque limits are now -20000 to 20000
Adjusted default explosion power and radius values for many objects
Improved default handling characteristics for dirt bike, monster truck and tank
Increased volume of idle engine sound effects
Missiles now explode after being active for 5 seconds